Last day April 29, a document that has seen the light and has been studied by the eminent philologist Ivan Birta, has received the certificate that attributes it to be the first manuscript in Romanian language found to date. This admirable finding has been certified by the prestigious organization dedicated to the verification and homologation of records Official World Record (OWR) that has issued Mr. Birta, president of the ASOCIATIA ROMANILOR DIN BALCANI the corresponding certificate.
This first Romanian manuscript contains unprecedented information about the history of Romanian people and refer to anathema thrown out by Gheorghe Doja over the Kingdom of Hungary. The document was drafted on the 8th of November, 7022 according to the Julian calendar (Byzantine calendar) and 1513 AD (the Gregorian calendar), and he represents the oldest manuscript written in the Romanian language preserved to date.

The transcription of the document proved to be very demanding, but of great informative value regarding the events of the Romanian Middle Ages, based on the quirky testimonies of the eyewitnesses, which directly reproduced the excited emotions in that period. The manuscript describes facts that have taken place in a period marked by major social, political and military events produced or influenced by the actions of the two great empires of the epoch – Hungarian and Ottoman -, and bring to light novel documents about native manuscript literature, representing the first written testimonies of the Romanians have been preserved to this day.

As a novelty in the field, the Author discovered and processed twenty samples of the hidden writing, relating to the period 1010-1738, writings stored on paper or envelopes in which the original manuscripts were packed (by the chemo-mechanically, called by Author Imprimography).

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