Glagolitic Manuscript Fragments from a liturgical Volume on Vellum dated cca 1400!

resturi-coperta-carte-16 glagolitic Fragments – two Fragments still in the Book and scripted in the croatian angular glagolitic script with red Initials and red Rubrications; – four Fragments attached to the book.

All 6 Fragments was never published and represent a new finding in the Book.

Sizes of the fragments: 18×7 cm; 17×7 cm; 7×5 cm; 5x5cm; 5,5 x5 cm; 4,5 x5cm

Book Size: 16×22 cm; Title: Fala ot sveti …..

Author: Fra Stipan Markovac, Mleci, 1708.  296 Sites, 2 full page copper engravings.

The Book contains late Handwritten glagolitic Markings.

Printed in  Bosančica script.

Is it a typical handmade monastery bookbindig from the Balkan!

The last Fragments on the market was auctioned by Bloomsbury/London at 8 July 2015  for

a Hammerprice of 23000 £ for a double collumn Fragment, used as an Bookcover.

This strange script is entirely a medieval creation. It was invented by SS. Cyril and Methodius, brothers from Thessaloniki, sent to Great Moravia (modern Czech Republic and Slovakia) in 862 by the Byzantine Emperor who wanted to weaken the dependence of Moravia on East Frankish missionaries and priests. In 886, the East Frankish bishop of Nitra banned the script and jailed 200 of Methodius’ followers (who later were sold into slavery).

Refugees reached Bulgaria and were commissioned by Boris I to instruct his clergy there in Slavic language worship. These refugees spread to Croatia and established it as the heartland of the script.

In 1248, Pope Innocent IV granted the Croats of southern Dalmatia the unique privilege of using a translation of the Roman Rite in their own, croatian script.

Glagolitic is as rare a script on the market as Early Uncial, Visigothic and Luxeuil minuscule, with examples appearing only once a generation or so. Only three codices (all ex collection of Sir Thomas Phillipps) and two sets of fragments have been offered for sale in the last two hundred years:

  • Codices – Missal of c.1400-10, bought in the Guildford sale at Evans, 8 December 1830, lot 460, for the vast price of £ 168, and among his proudest possessions, exhibited at dinner parties among his Asserts of manuscripts’, sold Sotheby’s 29 November 1966, lot 162, and now Pierpont Morgan Library; a fifteenth-century priests manual, sold Sotheby’s, 28-29 June 1976, lot 4040;
  • A copy of patristic texts dated 1602, lot 1240 in same sale; fragments: two leaves from a fifteenth-century illuminated Missal, sold Sotheby’s, 16 December 1970, lot 5; two further leaves from a contemporary copy of the same text, sold in Hartung in 2012 – now in two private UK collections. These should be added the small fragments in the binding of a Glagolitic printed book offered by Christies later this month with the estimate £40,000-60,000.

However, this has not dampened academic and collecting interest in the script, and in 2001 Trinity College Dublin held an exhibition dedicated to it.

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