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Istorie milenară a sârbilor din România (1010-2018)

              Ivan BIRTA ARB România Departamentul d...
Posted On 12 iul. 2018


Assolutamente d’accordo con lei. Penso che questo sia una buona idea.
Posted On 15 mart. 2018

Gregorian Parchments

Serata literar-stiintifica Octombrie 2017 Reșița
Posted On 27 oct. 2017


Painted Initials and Miniatures, Year 1500, 159 sheets, 316 pages SIZE: Parchment sheets – 45 x...
Posted On 25 apr. 2017

Grundbuch und Handlungsbuch Ötting (Altötting, Neuötting) und angrenzenden Dörfer in Süd Bayern zwischen 1581-1795

(214 Pages/107 sheets) Half of the book was written in the late 1500’s and early...
Posted On 13 apr. 2017

Carashovian fund archives

Regarding to the carashovian parchments fund (BIRTA ARCHIVES), we had to deal with big...
Posted On 27 feb. 2017

Чуј, о Израеле!

Ivan BIRTA, Hebrew bible SUMAMRY (english) Hebrew Bible is written in ancient Hebrew (old...
Posted On 25 ian. 2017
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